Research Interests

Dr Barbara JungDr. Jung’s basic science laboratory focuses on the mechanisms of colon cancer cell growth and metastasis and specifically the modulation of growth suppressive and pro-migratory signaling in metastatic colon cancer. Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains the second deadliest cancer in the United States with an estimated 136,830 new cases and 50,310 deaths in 2014. The overall number of new cases and deaths has decreased over the past 10 years, most likely due to enhanced screening and early detection. However, once CRC has metastasized to distant locations, survival drops dramatically. Understanding the switch to metastatic behavior and developing therapeutic strategies to target this process are key unmet clinical challenges.  The Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) beta super family, which is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, and apoptosis, is frequently mutated in CRC indicating the importance of these pathways in colon tumorigenesis. Dr. Jung’s laboratory is engaged in studies to understand the TGFbeta superfamily downstream signaling during the transition to metastatic phenotype in order to predict outcomes of TGFbeta pathway-directed therapy.  In addition, Dr. Jung’s research group is studying the impact of the gut microbiome (bacteria living in the colon) on the development of CRC. Finally her research group is investigating the expression of a mutant protein (BARD1 splice variant) as a potential biomarker to predict CRC patient sensitivity to an intervention targeting DNA repair in colon cancer.

Lab Personnel

Name  Contact

Arundhati JanaArundhati Jana
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Phone: 312-569-7463
Email: msinghal@uic.edu
Cemal Yazici  Cemal YaziciMD PhD Student
Phone: 312-569-7463
Email: cmanze2@uic.edu 
Georgina MancinelliGeorgina MancinelliGraduate Student
Phone: 312-355-5215
Email: gmanci2@uic.edu 
Jessica BauerJessica BauerPostdoctoral Research Associate
Phone: 312-413-0306
Email: jbauers@uic.edu 
Jonas StaudacherJonas StaudacherPostdoctoral Research Associate
Phone: 312-413-0306
Email: jstaudac@uic.edu
 Ozkan OzdenOzkan Ozden Visiting Res. Assistant Professor
Phone: 312-355-5215
Email: ozden@uic.edu
 JunJun Tian Tian Research Technician
Phone: 312-355-5215
Email: juntian@uic.edu

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