Major Areas of Research

  • Epithelial Transport & Diarrheal Disorders
  • Cancer Research
  • Host-Pathogen Interactions & Gut Microbiota
  • Inflammation
  • Nutrition & Metabolism

Investigators by Expertise

Cancer Research Group

Boulay Brian   Polyps of the GI Tract
Carroll Robert   Colon Cancer
Gartel Andrei   Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Grippo Paul   Pancreatic Cancer
Kahn Lyn Sue   Cancer of the GI Tract
Sun Jun   Colon and Breast Cancer

Gut Microbes Group

Alrefai Waddah A   Enteropathgenic E. coli (EPEC), Probiotics
Borthakur Alip   Probiotics, EPEC, Gut Microbiome
Dudeja Pradeep K   Gut Microbiome, Probiotics, EPEC, C. difficile, CTX
Gill Ravinder K   EPEC, AIEC, Probiotics, Gut microbiota and serotonin
Koppe Sean   Viral Hepatitis
Naveed Ammara   Viral Hepatitis
Saksena Seema   Probiotics, EPEC
Sun Jun   Salmonella, Gut microbiome

Intestinal Inflammation Group

Alrefai Waddah A   IBD, Gut-Liver Axis
Borthakur Alip   IBD
Dudeja Pradeep K   IBD, C. rodentium & TNBS induced colitis, C. difficile
Gill Ravinder K   Ileal Inflammation, Colitis, AIEC
Saksena Seema   IBD, Experimental colitis
Sun Jun   Salmonella

Nutrition & Metabolism

Alrefai Waddah A   Diabetes, Gut-Liver Axis
Berger-Fleishman Reed   Obesity, Bariatric Surgery
Dudeja Pradeep K   Nutrient Sensing, FOXO1 and Insulin Resistance

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