Career Medical Student Electives

Our EM career elective is designed for students planning to apply for EM residency. The career electives are available at each of the four core hospitals in our residency program.

Career medical rotation

As a career medical student, you will be assigned to rotate at a single site for the four week block.  There are 5 medical students assigned to each site during a single block. Scheduling will be done centrally through UIC.

Please let us know if the dates you have available do not match our rotation dates.  We will make exceptions on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students who attend International Medical Schools are not eligible for this elective.

Medical student education sessions

While you can only rotate at one site, you will have the opportunity to tour the other hospital site Emergency Departments during our educational conferences.  These tours will be done by the current senior residents.

In addition to our weekly conferences, you will also have the opportunity to attend educational sessions that are devoted only to medical students.  These specialized lectures/interactive sessions will occur after conference; during your month, the sessions will include EKGs, Ultrasound, and Airway Management (with procedures).

All SIM Lab sessions will be hosted at:

Mile Square UIC College of Medicine Simulation Center
1220 S. Wood St.
Chicago, IL 60612 (5th Floor)

Simulation Dates

May 25

June 1

Social events

Hawkeye’s Bar and Grill

1458 W. Taylor St. Chicago, IL 60607

During your time at UIC, we have monthly medical student and resident gatherings. This is an opportunity to get to know the residents at other sites (in addition to the ones you are working with), as well as attendings and residency leadership. During the first 4 blocks, these will serve as the residency dinner. It is highly encouraged that you attend.

Journal club

Our residents and attendings participate in monthly journal club meetings.  We invite you to attend as it is an insight into our residency education.

Journal Club Dates: July 3rd, July 31st, August 28th & September 25th

Residency interviews

If you are rotating with us within the first 4 blocks of the year, you will have the opportunity to interview for our Emergency Medicine Program.  These interviews will be done once every 4 weeks after the weekly conferences.

The monthly Hawkeye events will also be your opportunity to meet and interact with our residents.  If you rotate after the first 4 blocks, interview invitations will be sent out individually by the residency and those interviews will be conducted during interview season.

It should be noted that if you would like to interview for the dual Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine Residency, this will be a separate application and interview process. Please see the UIC IM/EM Residency Link below for more information.