Dr. Chris Andrews
December 5, 2006
This bibliography is in two parts.

Firstly there is a listing, alphabetically by senior author, of references to lightning injuries. Each reference appears once only in this part.

Secondly there is a categorised listing. The categories are shown below. In this listing references may appear several times. They appear in each category relevant to their content. It is the intention that the bibliography be a resource such that access to a given category will retrieve all references to date relevant to that category. Case reports, however, are particularly difficult to classify. Those that are pure case reports – that is, those that simply report an interesting case without drawing new insight from the case – are listed as case reports under 1.3. Most references, however, begin with a case report, but then go on to highlight some insight gained from reporting the case. These latter are listed under the category relevant to the new insight rather than just a simple case report. Similarly references which attempt a broader examination of the field are hard to classify. A personal judgement has been made as to whether they constitute a “review” or a “consideration of multiple systems” and are classified either as 1.2.1 or 1.2.2.accordingly. To constitute a “review” a reference must be comprehensive and also include a wide scholarly critical examination of the literature.