COVID Testing Registry (CTR)

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Illinois, but if we can better understand the virus, we can fight it more effectively. That is why UI Health is conducting research to understand who develops COVID-19 and why some patients with COVID-19 only have mild illness while others need to be hospitalized. Patients who agree to join the registry will receive a text on their cell phone to answer questions about home and health needs and then again in about 14 days. Patients’ electronic health records will be reviewed to access information related to COVID-19 symptoms and other clinical information. Additionally, patients who access the web link are prompted to choose what types of resources they want to learn about.

Principal Investigator:
Marina Del Rios, MD, MSc, Emergency Medicine

Susan Bleasdale, MD, Infectious Disease, Chief Quality Officer
Steven Dudek, MD, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Pavitra Kotini-Shah, MD, Emergency Medicine
Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine
Janet Lin, MD, MPH, MBA, Emergency Medicine
Renee Petzel Gimbar, PharmD, Pharmacy
Adam Rodos, MD, Emergency Medicine
Leah Finkel, MD, Emergency Medicine

Project Coordinators:
Shaveta Khosla, PhD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
Ruth Pobee, PhD, Emergency Medicine

This research registry is being done to better understand the patients who are tested for COVID-19 at UI Health and are discharged home. The Specific Aims for the UI Health CTR are as follows:

  1. Estimate the number of COVID-19 tests per week who are discharged from a UI Health testing location to home, feasibility of obtaining consent for the UI Health CTR, and participant burden.
  2. Describe the characteristics of COVID-19 tested patients who are discharged from a UI Health testing location to home, including proportion who test positive, socio-demographics, comorbid conditions, current medical treatment (including use of statins, since such patients would not be eligible for a simvastatin-based clinical trial), and health status over a 14-day period.

Study Design

CTR is an observational study. Each participant in the CTR will be followed for 14 days.


Shaveta Khosla

Ruth Pobee