Manorama Khare, PhD


Dr. Manorama M. Khare, Ph.D., is a research associate professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford, where she mentors medical students with their research, and supervises rural medicine students doing community-based research. Her current research focuses on using mobile technology to motivate and encourage women in rural communities to increase their physical activity. She has also been involved in developing and evaluating initiatives to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in women. This research uses behavioral lifestyle change interventions to motivate women and provide them the skills to increase physical activity and improve eating behaviors.

She is currently the lead evaluator for the CDC funded Illinois WISEWOMAN program, a CVD-risk reduction program for underinsured and uninsured women offered to women across Illinois. Dr. Khare has extensive experience in research related to underserved populations, women’s health, and diversity in higher education. She received her Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Illinois School of Public Health in 2000.


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