Kristine Zimmermann, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor

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Kristine Zimmermann, PhD, MPH first joined the CRWG staff in 2003 and is currently a CRWG faculty affiliate. She is also an assistant professor in the Division of Health Research and Evaluation in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, UIC College of Medicine Rockford and a faculty affiliate in the UIC School of Public Health.

Dr. Zimmermann is a mixed-methods researcher who engages communities in research with the goal of developing and implementing relevant, acceptable, accessible, and effective community-based health promotion strategies. A primary focus of her research involves the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practice in rural and under-resourced settings, with particular interests in women’s health, chronic disease risk reduction, and use of technology for disease prevention and management. After working with primarily older adults for several years, Dr. Zimmermann is currently focused on developing strategies to support cardiovascular health for rural women in the perinatal period.

Dr. Zimmermann also has extensive experience evaluating public health programs in collaboration with state and local health departments and community partners



Original Research (Peer-Reviewed)

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* Selected as “Editor’s Choice” for the issue in which article was published
* 2023 UIC School of Public Health Research Article Award Honorable Mention

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