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The Inclen Trust International

  • Project Site Name

    The Inclen Trust International

  • Project Site Location

    New Delhi, Dehli

  • Project Site Partner(s)

  • UIC CGH Faculty Contact

    Gelila Goba

Project/Activity Summary Heading link

The INCLEN Trust (International Clinical Epidemiology Network) is a unique international network of healthcare professionals who apply multidisciplinary approaches to identify best practices to improve “health for all” in local, national, regional and global settings. Inclen achieves this by using the network to conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research on high-priority health problems and to train future generations of leaders in health-care research.

Inclen Trust and the University of Illinois Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology are partners in a current proposal “Epidemiological, Economic and Sociological Evidence to Inform Policy-Making About Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Introduction in India and Ethiopia.”

The ultimate aim of this project is to facilitate evidence-based introduction of HPV vaccines into India and Ethiopia and inform sustained rollout once the vaccines are introduced. With high coverage, this could lead to the prevention of up to 40% of the world’s burden of cervical cancer along with other less common HPV-related cancers.

This project will establish a partnership between UIC through Dr. Gelila Goba and the wider scientific community abroad.