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IRB approval is required for research but can be very daunting, especially for new investigators. UIC and the Department of Pediatrics offer numerous supports to investigators regarding IRBs. These are described in more detail in the Investigators Guide to Grants and Contracts.

Forms and instructions are located from the UIC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. When in doubt of what to do, contact the Department Director of Research Operations or reach out directly to a more senior investigator in the Department; most would be happy to share their experiences and copies of successful IRB applications.

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Writing grants and reports can be difficult, especially for those who are new to research. Most sponsors have very strict formats that must be used. For example, the NIH requires all key personnel submit a biosketch, which is their version of a CV. A biosketch is very specific to each investigator and should be modified for each proposal. Other documents are less specific and can be applied to the entire department or university. Below are links to commonly used documents and scripts that can be used in grants. Because these documents can change frequently, we suggest you contact the Department Director of Research Operations for the most up-to-date language. For examples of actual grants, budgets, or reports, contact investigators directly. Most are happy to share.

Examples specific to the UIC Department of Pediatrics

These examples were developed by faculty (successful in their grant applications) and compiled by the Department of Pediatrics Research Committee. These examples are commonly required in grant applications, particularly in NIH grants.

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