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Learn more about what makes the Department of Pediatrics unique.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive family-centered health care to all children, multi-level professional education to students, physicians and allied health care workers in all aspects of pediatrics, and a voice of advocacy for children of the state of Illinois. We are also actively engaged in the community to improve the health status of children through preventative and educational efforts, and to lead with basic and clinical research into childhood diseases to move the field of pediatrics forward. Our diverse medical teams bring the world’s latest advancements to patient care, research, and teaching.

Our Values

  • To uphold the rights of all children to high quality health care and outcomes
  • To provide culturally sensitive, family and community centered health care
  • To advance scholarship and discovery through our centers of excellence
  • To promote education and life-long learning
  • To be a resource for the families and physicians in our community

Our Vision

We will be true to our commitment to the children of Illinois to provide compassionate, high quality health care and be an acclaimed leader in advancing the art and science of medicine.

Programs of Excellence Heading link

  • Neonatology program

    Our program features physicians who have conducted seminal research and refashioned neonatal care both here and abroad. Former residents serve children throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

  • Pediatric Diabetes Program

    Our program within the Children’s Hospital is being developed into an American Diabetes Association designated Diabetes Center. Faculty has ongoing collaborations with members of the NIH funded CTSA and the Division of Endocrinology in the Department of Medicine.


    Thriving Illinois Kids Engagement System – TIKES will create a unified system of clinical care, education and research (program) focused on maximizing healthy developmental progress and social capital formation for the children in the state of Illinois. TIKES will be the medical home model that harnesses the power of information technology to identify and then deploy interventions to assist families and children at-risk for developmental social capital and thus future health and educational disparities.

  • Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

    Ours is the only state and federally-funded program of its kind in Illinois treating children with SCD. This Program along with the Adult Sickle Cell Program provides streamlined care throughout the lifetime of the patient suffering from sickle cell disease.

  • The Pediatric Lung Research Program

    This program is involved in basic and translational research in neonatal and pediatric lung diseases such as Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension and Chronic Lung Disease. The research faculty in this program actively collaborates with researchers in the Department of Pharmacology and Medicine and with members of the Institute for Personalized Respiratory Medicine.

  • Pediatric Renal Transplantation

    This program has been designated as a center of excellence by UNOS (2006-present). The outstanding surgical transplantation team, together with the Pediatric Nephrologists, provides the best outcomes for renal transplantation in the City of Chicago.


    Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids or CHECK is a new medical care model for children and young adults with chronic conditions. It is designed to manage the healthcare of over 6,000 children in Cook County ages 0-25 with complex medical issues like asthma, depression, diabetes and sickle cell.

  • The Asthma Program

    The Asthma Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago is focused on providing outstanding care to children with asthma, conducting clinical studies and partnering with the Department of Medicine in providing seamless care to young adults with asthma.

  • Long term Survivors of Childhood Cancer Clinic and Follow-Up Program

    This is one of the highlights of the Children’s Hospital University of Illinois. The hospital is also a site for the National Children’s Oncology Clinical Trials.

  • Program for Pediatric Neurological and Developmental Disorders

    This program is focused on pediatric epilepsy, headache, narcolepsy, and developmental disorders.