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In 2021, we launched our four residency tracks with the intention of providing formal exposure to parts of ophthalmology that had historically been part of the “hidden curriculum.” These tracks are: Education, Executive, Global Ophthalmology, Research.

Each track provides access to mentors, resources, and projects that teach basic and advanced knowledge and skills with the goal of putting our residents on a trajectory to success and leadership in areas that they might not otherwise formally learn about.

These tracks are optional and in addition to our regular ACGME curriculum. We introduce them at orientation during our PGY1 integrated internship but expect that any interested candidate will declare and enter one track no later than the end of the PGY1 year. Each track is designed to be completed over the course of residency training without negatively affecting clinical responsibilities and study time.

In addition  to helping advance our residents’ career, successful completion of a track will result in a certificate and special acknowledgement at our graduation ceremony.

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