Dr. Swetha Gowrishankar

Associate Professor

Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology


Office: 7055 COMRB
Lab: 7068 COMRB
email: swethag@uic.edu
Phone: (312) 996-6612

Rotation Projects

Gowrishankar Lab Rotation Projects:

  • Project 1: Role of Spastic Paraplegia proteins, SPG15 and/or 11 in regulating lysosomal and autophagic pathways in neurons (using CRISPR-based editing in mouse primary neurons).
  • Project 2: Altering axonal lysosome transport to rescue Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) pathology (drug screen using an IPSC-derived neuronal AD model in the lab).
  • Project 3: Regulation and function of lysosomes in astrocytes: live imaging studies using fluorescent lysosomal proteins and endogenous markers.
  • Project 4: Understanding lysosome dysfunction in a Spastic Paraplegia mouse model.
  • Project 5: Neuronal lysosome heterogeneity and stress: Evaluating differential response of axonal and dendritic lysosomes to stresses (oxidative stress, neuronal activity changes).