Dr. Kuei Y. Tseng
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology


Office: 569A CME
Lab: 680 CME
email: tsengky@uic.edu
Phone: (312) 996-9136

Rotation Projects

Research programs in the Tseng lab are aimed at elucidating basic synaptic mechanisms underlying the development of mental disorders including behavioral deficits within the cognitive and affective domains. Through the implementation of different experimental manipulations during critical periods of postnatal development in rodents, the Tseng lab’s long-term goal is to uncover key neuronal and neural circuit processes that are susceptible to risk factors and environmental insults known to lead to the development of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, anxiety and depression-like syndromes and substance use disorders. Rotating graduate students will have the opportunity to gain proficiency at both conceptual and technical levels on how to adapt currently available functional and behavioral experimental approaches to study biological psychiatry relevant phenotypes in animal models.

Website link: http://anatomy.uic.edu/faculty/index.html?fac=kueiytseng&cat=all