Dr. Xiaoping Du


Department of Pharmacology


Office: 4131 COMRB, MC 868
email: xdu@uic.edu
Phone: (312) 355-0237

Rotation Projects

The major research emphases of my laboratory are to understand the molecular and cellular mechanism of thrombosis, inflammation and vascular wall integrity, and to translate the new discoveries and concepts in our studies to develop new drugs for treating ischemic and inflammatory diseases including heart attack, stroke, sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (such as that caused by COVID-19 and systemic inflammation). Specifically, we study cell adhesion and adhesion receptor signaling in blood platelets and leukocytes. For representative works of our investigation into the signaling mechanisms of integrin family of cell adhesion receptors, please see our publications in Science (Gong et al, Science 327:340-343, 2010), Nature (Shen et al, Nature 503:131-135, 2013), Cell (Li et al, 112, 77-86, 2003) and J Cell Biol (Flevaris et al, JCB 179(3):553-565, 2007. For representative works of our translational studies to convert our discoveries into medicine, please see our publications in Science Translational Medicine (Pang et al, Science Translational Medicine, 12 (552): aaz7287, 2020) and in Nature Communications (Cheng et al, Nature Communications 12(3185), 2021)

A Directional Switch Of Integrin Signalling And A New Anti Thrombotic Strategy

A New Anti Platelet Drug Shows Potential For Treating Blood Vessel