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The Instrument Shop Core provides essential services to participating investigators for design, fabrication, and maintenance of specialized devices and common instruments. The Core maintains a well-equipped Instrument Design and Fabrication Laboratory (IDFL) in the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute.

Instrument Design and Fabrication Laboratory (Instrument Services)

  • Objet 30 Prime 3D Printer is an advanced polyjet 3D printer that allows for rapid prototyping and construction of ophthalmic devices and equipment using a variety of biocompatible, transparent, rubber, or simulated polypropylene materials.
  • Clausing lathe with a 10-inch swing, 12-speed gearbox, 12 feeds ranging from 0.0005 inch to 0.024 inch per revolution, and variable wheels for metric and English threads
  • Milling machines including, Powermatic-Burke milling machine with an 8×36-inch table, 13-inch knee, and variable-speed precision lead screws on all axes, providing an overall accuracy greater than 0.001 inch and an 8×42-inch milling machine with digital readout
  • Gas-welding station for micro-scale work with a fume hood
  • Heavy-duty machines (drill press, band saw, and grinders), metal working tools (finger brake, hand-operated shears, turret punch), assortment of tools and supplies (cutting tools and gauges, drafting equipment, a stock of expendable metals, plastics, machine screws and nuts, wires, stainless steel tubing)


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