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Imaging and Image Analysis

The Imaging and Image Analysis Core provides microscopy systems for optical imaging and software for image processing and analysis. Imaging technology and digital image analysis have become vital to advance research endeavors of our vision scientists. The availability of imaging equipment in the Core provides an indispensable resource to our researchers in a cost-effective manner. The Core incorporates dedicated space in the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute and personnel with technical expertise in the use of equipment and software.

Laser Confocal Imaging Laboratories

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope (LSM 710 Zeiss)
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope (DMIRE2 Leica)

Live Cell Imaging Laboratory

  • Spinning disk live-cell imaging system (Zeiss):

In vivo Imaging Laboratory

  • Spectralis™ HRA+OCT

Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratories

  • Inverted Zeiss Microscope Axiovert 100M (Hal)
  • Upright Zeiss Microscope Axioskop 2 Plus (Anne)
  • Imaging Workstation with extensive image analysis software (Pascal): Autoquant deconvolution 9 and X; Leica LCS image analysis software; MetaMorph offline image analysis software 7.0r4; Image J image analysis software; AxioVision Viewer; Voxx2 3D software; Photoshop CS2 image processing software; Xerox Phaser 6120 and 6250 printers.
  • Imaging Workstation with limited image analysis software (June): Photoshop image processing software; Leica Light image analysis software.
  • Imaging Workstation with scanning capability (Norman): Canon 9900F Flat-bed scanner; Nikon 3.1 Slide scanner; Leica Light image analysis software; Image J software; Axiovision viewer; Photoshop CS2 image processing; Epson Stylus 900 color printer.


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