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Biostatistics and Genetic Analysis

The Biostatistics and Genetic Analysis Core provides resources to assist investigators in research design, biostatistical analysis, genetic data analysis, as well as large-scale genomic data mining that requires advanced computing equipment.

Biostatistics and Genetic Analysis Laboratory

  • Access to computing hardware and software
  • A 64-bit Linux cluster with four large-memory nodes (88 cores, 1.2 TB memory), each containing recent dual Intel Xeon CPUs, for large-scale computation
  • Two Dell T7610 Precision workstations with dual eight core Intel Xeon Processor E5-2687W v2 (3.4GHz), 256 GB memory each
  • Two Dell T7600 Precision workstations with dual eight core Intel Xeon Processor E5-2687W (3.1GHz), 256GB memory each
  • Two Dell T7500 Precision workstation with dual six core Intel Xeon Processors x5690 (3.46 GHz) and x5680 (3.33 GHz), 96GB memory each
  • All nodes are under UPS power management
  • The Linux cluster is supported by a RAID array with 32TB storage space
  • Networking is through a Gigabit Ethernet backbone with direct connection to the UIC network
  • The Core also has access to the high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) at UIC.
  • Standard statistical software packages, including SAS, R, MATLAB, Stata, PASS, and Prism
  • Commercial software for analyzing human genetics data, including Illumina GenomeStudio, Golden Helix, Ingenuity and NextBio, and open-source software, e.g. PLINK, Eigensoft, Quanto power calculator, simpleM, PennCNV, MACH, IMPUTE, METAL, SKAT, Haploview, MAGENTA, INRICH and GRAIL


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