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Xiaoyi Raymond Gao PhD

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology University of Illinois College of MedicineDepartment of Ophthalmology
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Biographical Info

X. Raymond Gao, PhD

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Director, Quantitative Ocular Genomics Laboratory


PhD in Bioinformatics-Statistics—North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Postdoctoral Research Associate —Duke University Center for Human Genetics, Durham, NC
Postdoctoral Research Associate —Miami Institute for Human Genomics, Miami, FL

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
UIC Department of Ophthalmology
1855 W. Taylor Street, M/C 648
Chicago, IL 60612
Office: 1905 W Taylor Street, Room 235

Dr. Gao is a statistical geneticist who is interested in mapping genes for vision disorders as well as other complex human diseases/traits. He is principal investigator of the Mexican American Glaucoma Genetic Study (MAGGS), which aims at identifying genetic determinants related to open angle glaucoma in Mexican Americans, funded by the National Eye Institute (R01EY022651). His research program involves interdisciplinary studies in genetics, statistics, and bioinformatics. He is currently working on genetic studies of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration in admixed and minority populations, which are supported by R01 and U10 grants from the National Eye Institute. His goal is to advance genomic-based discoveries in ocular diseases/traits and to reduce the burden of blindness. Dr. Gao joined the faculty in 2013.



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