The AI Utils project aims to create basic deep learning AI tools for internal research in UIC’s department of ophthalmology and bioengineering. This is done through an amalgamation of API’s, protocols, and software packages hosted in the AI Utils repository . Through dockering workflows, we will define potential folder hierarchies and easy to load models, based on current state of the art (SOTA) performances. For new projects, users will have to simply format their data according to AI Utils protocol, and training should become as simple as a single line command. Upon training a network, AI Utils will also provide an API for future inference calls through docker as well, which will enable easy deployment on cloud compute clusters or even our own backend servers. By well defining and documenting agreements between users and developers, we can strive to democratize AI.

Project Lead: Darvin Yi

Team: Abdullah Aleem, Manoj Prabhakar Nallabothula, Joelle Hallak