Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Cellular and Molecular Biology Core provides the required facilities and expertise to provide tissue culture services, create inducible cell lines,  and perform morphological studies of tissue specimens and cultured cells. In addition, the Core offers consultation and services related to molecular biological/biochemical techniques, such as DNA sequencing, total RNA and microRNA extraction, construct design and preparation, real-time PCR, and proteomics.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

  • Cell-Sorter (Sony Biotechnology SH800)
  • Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems® QuantStudio™ 7 Flex)
  • Octet Red 96 system (ForteBio)
  • Digital imaging system (GE ImageQuant LAS 4000)
  • iCycler thermal cycler (Biorad); iblot (Invitrogen); Incubator (Boekel)
  • Table top centrifuges (Eppendorf 5415C, TOMY MTX-150)
  • Water baths (Fisher isotemp refrigerated circular 910, Labnet 6 liter)
  • Balances (Mettler AT250, Brainweight B300 01/0.01 mg sensitivity)


Histology Laboratory

  • Microtomes (Leitz CI 249, lEC IM-179, American Optical 820); Ultramicrotome (Reichert-Jung)
  • Tissue processor (Citadel 2000)
  • Cryostats (Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX50, International equipment company Minotome, Reichert Histostat)


Tissue Culture Laboratory

  • Amaxa Nucleofector II (BTX); Neon transfection system (Invitrogen)
  • Dual cell counter (Beckman-Coulter Z1); Incubators (SANYO)Laminar flow hoods (Baker; Thermo Forma biosafety level 2 for virology in room L229)
  • Microscopes (Zeiss Axiovert 25, Leitz wetzlar, Olympus BH2-RFCA)


Sterilization Room

  • Autoclaves (Consolidated MK II, Tuttnauer 3870 EA)
  • Water purification system (ELGA PURELAB Option)


Equipment Rooms

  • High speed centrifuges (Beckman Avanti J20XP and J25), ultracentrifuge/rotors (Beckman L8-70M)
  • Spectrophotometers (Nanodrop, Varian Cary 300 UV-visible)
  • Fluorometer (Perkin Elmer LS 50B); Photodocumentation system (Bio-Rad Gel Doc 2000)
  • Microplate reader (Tecan GENios pro); Scintillation counter (Beckman LS3801)
  • Phosphorimager (Packard Cyclone); Image station (Kodak Digital Science 440CF)
  • Incubator shaker (New Brunswick Scientific)
  • Liquid nitrogen cryofreezer (Therma Scientific); Ultra-low temperature freezers (chest/upright models)
  • Transjector 5246 (Eppendorf) and microinjection unit (Injectman)


Cold Room

Dr. Sandeep Jain, Core Director
Dr. Joy Sarkar, Associate Core Director