Cornea Translational Biology Laboratory

Sandeep Jain , MD, Director Associate Professor Cornea Service

Sandeep Jain , MD, Director
Professor of Ophthalmology
Cornea Service

We have established a virtually unique translational research ecosystem that makes feasible the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. This ecosystem comprises of a highly specialized patient care clinic (Dry Eye & Ocular GVHD Clinic), an advanced cell and molecular biology laboratory (Translational Biology Laboratory), dedicated clinical trial center lanes (Clinical Trial Center), a UIC based start-up entity (ADVAITE) to enable commercialization and a core team of personnel that seamlessly connect these components. This translational research ecosystem enables us to intertwine basic science investigations with clinical care of patients that suffer from severe ocular surface diseases – thus positioning our efforts at the interface between medicine and science.

Our Translational Research Model Dry Eye & oGVHD Clinic Cornea Translational Biology Laboratory Clinical Trial Center UIC Start-ups (Adviate)

The Corneal Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL), is a National Eye Institute funded laboratory that conducts basic and clinical research to develop novel therapies for ocular surface diseases and neurotrophic corneas. CNL is a component of the University of Illinois Eye and Ear infirmary- an institution with tradition of excellence in patient care and research spanning 150 years.