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Kyu Yeon Han, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology University of Illinois College of MedicineDepartment of Ophthalmology
Mailing Address: UIC Department of Ophthalmology 1855 W. Taylor Street, M/C 648 Chicago IL 60612 Lab Location: COMRB Room 1080 Work Phone: (312) 413-5487
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Kyu Yeon Han, PhDDr. Han, a molecular cell biologist, studies the function of matrix metalloproteinase protein in corneal neovascularization and its relationship to blindness. His areas of research have focused on the MT1-MMP and its associated proteins and substrates on the cell. Dr. Han is currently investigating the biological function of the exosomal MT1-MMP from the corneal fibroblast in vitro and in vivo. Exosomes from the MT1-MMP knock-out cell have been composed of different components/proteins when compared to that of the wild type. Dissecting the differences between the exosomal components in WT and MT1-MMP KO cells will provide an understanding of the molecular mechanism of exosomal MT1-MMP in corneal neovascularization and further support the development of therapies targeted to prevent blindness resulting from injury/disease-induced angiogenesis.


BS in Genetic Engineering—Suwon University, Korea
MS in Genetic Engineering—Suwon University, Korea
PhD in Oncology—Kyung Hee University, Korea
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Biology—Pohang University of Science & Technology; and Kyung Hee University, Korea
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ophthalmology—University of Illinois at Chicago


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