WE ARE JANE Roe v Wade Discussion
What we need to know about the repeal of Roe v Wade

The Center for Research on Women and Gender unequivocally denounces the Supreme Court’s decision as intentionally harmful and catastrophic to the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans.

Making Depression Treatment More Accessible for Chicago Moms
With CTSA funding, Dr. Maki, Dr. Duffecy, and Dr. Stacie Geller, director of the Center for Research on Women and Gender, tested a method for incorporating Sunnyside for Moms into standard care: women completed an electronic screening for depression and other mental health conditions in the waiting room during routine prenatal clinic visits at the UI Wellness Clinic on Halsted. The trial showed that women found the screening questionnaire easy to complete and it was a low burden on clinic staff to administer.…/making-depression-treatment…/

Congratulations to 2022 Riddle Prize winner Sonya Gupta
Sonya served as president of UIC Women in Science Engineering-Medicine
Comcast Newsmakers featured the UIC College of Medicine Student Resiliency Center, interviewing Dr. Jenna Duffecy
Dr. Duffecy discusses the struggles of medical students due to pressure, stress and exhaustion, and giving students the tools they need to be effective in managing their mental health.