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Alumni and Testimonials

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Here is why our Residents chose UIC

Sarah Kim, MD (PGY1)

Having rotated at the University of Illinois Hospital for my M3 surgery clerkship, I was always impressed with the camaraderie between the residents, but also with the educational experiences for residents and medical students. I always fully appreciated the uniqueness of UIC’s General Surgery program of rotating consistently throughout the Chicagoland. Having a home site at a large academic center in Chicago attracts patients with complex medical histories and many uncontrolled co-morbidities, which bring many challenges but meaningful learning experiences. I knew by training here I will build a stronger foundation for my career while being able to live in and enjoy one of the best cities in the world.

Stephan Gruessner, MD (PGY3)

I knew in medical school that I wanted to pursue a career in either minimally invasive surgery or transplant. While initially torn between the two, I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at the institution that performed the first robotic donor nephrectomy, UIC. During my time there I was treated like a vital member of the team, and appreciated the camaraderie of the residents and attending. I recognized the vast scope minimally invasive surgery had to offer, and wanted to be part of an institution which pushed the boundaries of surgery.

Andy Lee, MD (PGY3)

I chose UIC General Surgery Residency Program because of the multitude of career options its trainees have after graduation, the affiliated hospitals its residents rotate at, and the strong presence of minimally invasive surgery. When I was interviewing for general surgery residency, I was impressed by how some UIC general surgery residency graduates were able to match into the most competitive fellowships out there, at the same time how some UIC general surgery residency graduates were able to secure great private practice jobs in general surgery straight out of residency. The program offers great flexibility in terms of dedicated research time. The affiliated hospitals its residents rotate at expose the trainees to various practice settings where residents enjoy high autonomy, at the university hospital where residents see cases with high complexity, and at private hospitals where residents experience high volume of surgeries. Finally, being trained to become a surgeon in the 21st century, I really appreciate how UIC general surgery residency program values training its residents to operate using minimally invasive techniques.

Andrew Tully, MD (PGY5)

The University of Illinois boasts a long tradition of surgical excellence, mentorship, scholarship, and commitment to bettering the health of all, regardless of their ability to pay.

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