Develop a Project

For projects involving new cases or scenarios, we must have at least 3 months notice prior to the start date. The center operates at a full or near to full capacity almost year round, so it is imperative to try and plan ahead when possible.

For projects using pre-existing cases and/or scenarios, there is some flexibility in the timeline, but generally speaking we like to schedule everything at least three months in advance.

For Technology-Based Simulation please see our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

For questions regarding new projects, please contact:
Bob Kiser, Associate Director of the Simulation and Integrative Learning Institute
312-996-6551 |

Project Development Materials

Project Summary Forms

UGME Program Summary Form (doc) (pdf)
GME Program Summary Form (doc) (pdf)
SP Case Writing Protocol (doc) (pdf)
SP Case Template (doc) (pdf)

Professional Development Programs

Available Workshops, Fellowships and Consultations

Timeline Following is a basic timeline for projects:

3 months before exam or workshop

The project is scheduled
SAIL staff is given all information in order to implement project including casting requirements (gender, age, specific traits, etc.) as well as equipment needed (high-fidelity mannequins, task trainers, etc). Final versions of cases or scenarios are not required at this time.

2 months before project

Final version of the cases or scenarios complete.
Casting complete.

1 month before project

Initial SP/Clinical Skills Instructor training is completed
All changes are final including: paperwork, minor adjustments to cases, addition or subtraction of project elements.

Want to get started?

Email with the following information:

  • Date of project
  • Number and level of learners
  • Type of project