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Photo of Subramanian, PhD, Saravanan

Saravanan Subramanian, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Director of CPTRE’s summer research learning program
PMIR2P Laboratory Manager

Department of Pediatrics

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Dr. Subramanian's main area of interest in research is immunology, with an emphasis on the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal diseases, especially those affecting neonates. Dr. Subramanian's research focuses on providing new insights into the complex physiology and pathology of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a devastating inflammatory disease of the intestine affecting premature infants. Dr. Subramanian's work involves neonatal NEC mouse models and examines the molecular mechanisms that lead to this disease in the neonatal intestine using several approaches.

  • Exploring neonatal gut microbiome and physiological inflammation during postnatal development.
  • Investigating the impact of breastmilk feeding and formula feeding on the susceptibility to intestinal injury related to the inflammatory state in neonates.
  • Examining the roles and functions of adaptive and innate lymphocytes, including T cells and NK cells, in the inflammatory response.
  • Studying intricate mechanisms for scattered crypt intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis-mediated NEC development.
  • Investigating the relationship between the host and microbiota on neonatal gut tolerance upon viral inflammation.

Dr. Subramanian is dedicated to developing a unique animal model that provides a novel tool for studying intricate mechanisms in NEC development and exploring therapeutic approaches to cure NEC in humans.