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Photo of Mihaila, PhD, Iulia

Iulia Mihaila, PhD

Visiting Research Assistant Professor

B.E.S.T. Study Project Director

Department of Pediatrics


Dr. Iulia Mihaila's research interests are in utilizing biopsychosocial models to understand the impacts of participation on health outcomes and healthy aging in adolescents and young, middle-aged, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). In particular, Dr. Mihaila is interested in physical/mental health promotion and inclusion for people with IDD across the lifespan. Dr. Mihaila received my PhD in Human Ecology from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2018. Dr. Mihaila completed the postdoctoral training as a Leadership Education Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Training at the University of Illinois Chicago in 2020. Dr. Mihaila is currently the Project Director of the B.E.S.T. Study (BEhavioral Health Stratified Treatment to Optimize Transition to Adulthood in Youth with IDD), a two-arm randomized clinic trial that seeks to examine the impact of care coordination models on the depressive and anxiety symptomatology and transition outcomes of youth with IDD. The study explores whether a care coordination model that integrates mental health programming promotes greater health and well-being among youth with IDD as compared to the existing care coordination model that provides youth with IDD referrals to outside mental health care as needed.