About Research

The Division of Pathology Research at UIC is a dynamic and growing group of investigators who are actualizing a unique paradigm that unites pathology and population science. The overall emphasis of the Division is on multi-disciplinary translational research, in which new techniques for the assay of biomarkers in tissue and body fluids are developed and integrated into population studies such as cohort studies and clinical trials. The Division has established an initial focus on cancer chemoprevention at the molecular, cellular, animal model and human levels, as well as the molecular epidemiology of cancer. This focus allows us to capitalize on campus-wide strengths in cancer biology, chemoprevention, nutrition, biomedical engineering, epidemiology and biostatistics. As members of a Department of Pathology at a major medical center, we are able to bring these diverse disciplines together with expert analysis of clinical specimens, which is the traditional purview of the academic pathologist. We are very excited about the new path we have taken and invite trainees and investigators at all levels to consider collaborations with us.