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The Fusion of Population Science and Pathology Heading link

The newest of the Divisions in the UIC Department of Pathology, the Division of Pathology Research was developed around a novel research focus: the fusion of population science (specifically, molecular epidemiology) and pathology.

How does this work? Molecular epidemiologists need to work with the resources managed by pathologists – fluids and tissues. Therefore, each practicing pathologist in the Department can and does work with the Research Division, and Research Division faculty have immediate access to research resources.

Why this work matters

By studying the molecular basis for disease across populations, the Division contributes to the discovery of novel biomarkers that influence the practice of diagnostic pathology in the Divisions of Cytopathology, Surgical Pathology, and Clinical Pathology.

The UIC Division of Pathology Research has created a research community focused primarily on cancer prevention that is highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary. The fields of molecular biology, epidemiology, biomedical engineering, biostatistics and pathology are all represented among the research teams.   Projects involve the spectrum from tissue culture models to Federally funded, investigator initiated clinical trials.

With an emphasis on translational research, the UIC Division of Pathology Research prepares pathologists-in-training for careers as clinical investigators, and the Division has recently launched a novel graduate school curriculum for doctoral science candidates at the intersection of population science and pathology.