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We consider fire, floods, elevator breakdowns, service alarms, chemical spills, leaks, and security problems involving faulty exterior door locks or closures, to be an emergency.  These types of problems should be called in to Facilities Customer Support at (312) 996-7511, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are reporting an issue at a UI Health facility, please call (312) 996-5084.

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Zone Manager Information for College of Medicine

Jessica Gallo

Buildings overseen by Jessica:

Building Number Building Name
908 CMW
908 CMWT
910 CMET
911 CSN
919 MBRB
920 CSB
935 MSB

Michael Duncan

Buildings overseen by Michael:

Building Number Building Name
902 EEI
916 AHSB
933 BGRC
950 NPI
977 WROB