Let's Talk Flyer

Thursdays beginning 10/12/17
Student Center West, Room 235
Stop in to speak with a counselor about concerns, get help problem-solving,
and learn more about counseling services and other resources available to you
at UIC and the Counseling Center.
Let’s Talk consultations are:
• FREE for UIC students
• Offered first-come, first-served (no appointment necessary)
• Confidential
• Informal (not intended to be a substitute for traditional counseling)
For more information, contact the Counseling Center at (312) 996-3490.
The Let’s Talk Program at University of Illinois at Chicago is based on the Let’s Talk Program at Cornell University. With
permission, some of the material has been adapted or reproduced from the Cornell University Let’s Talk website.
Let’s Talk
is a drop-in service, offered by the University of
Illinois at Chicago Counseling Center, that provides
informal, confidential consultation with a counselor.