Resiliency Center

The University of Illinois College of Medicine Student Resiliency Center provides mental health services to UI COM medical and graduate students. Services are provided by clinicians who do not have any evaluative role for College of Medicine students.

Location and Availability

All appointments take place at Psychiatric Institute (PI) building, a location separate from the clinical department of Psychiatry, in order to maintain student privacy.

The office is located at:

1601 W. Taylor Street

Room 441

Our Services

Resiliency Center practitioners will provide up to six sessions of talk therapy lasting between 45 and 60 minutes each. Appointments can be scheduled in advance or on an as-needed basis with the patient’s assigned provider, which will be determined after the intake evaluation. Patients will be triaged to either supportive psychotherapy with social worker Linzi Swisher, LCSW, or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with psychologists Jaclyn Weisman, PhD or Gustavo Medrano, PhD.

Seeking Mental Health Services?

Prospective patients should contact Resiliency Clinic Director Jenna Duffecy, PhD. to initiate the intake process.

She can be reached at:

[email protected]


Walk-In Hours

Due to the current recommendations related to coronavirus (COVID-19), we are putting the walk-in hours on hold. Services will still be provided via telephone or video. Please contact Dr. Duffecy to schedule an appointment.

An evaluation will be set up with one of the licensed clinical psychologists within one week. Following this appointment, a determination will be made regarding appropriateness for psychotherapy and/or medication management. For more information on services provided and practitioners serving the center, please see below.

The walk-in clinic does not require an appointment. Clinicians will be available for walk-in evaluations.

Telehealth services are also available following an initial intake.

Additional Resources

Online Mental Health Screening

Take a brief confidential online screening to get a sense of how you’re doing.

Cognitive Behavioral Tool for Medical Students

Sunnyside is an innovative online cognitive behavioral tool designed specifically for medical students. It teaches cognitive behavioral techniques to better manage your mood and decrease stress.  It’s all self directed so you can utilize it on your own schedule. Fill out a brief form in order to have an account created.


In Crisis?

If you are in need of immediate services, please utilize the UIC resources.