Core Courses

GEMS 521/522 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences I & II. 12 hours

The primary courses for all first year GEMS students. It focuses on strengthening and developing skills and competencies (e.g. critical thinking, communication, teamwork, rigor/reproducibility/responsibility) important for all biomedical researchers in modern research environments. Diverse learning modalities involving lectures, discussions, student presentations, and other individual and group activities. Skills are developed through activities that teach students core knowledge of biology relevant to biomedical and inter-disciplinary research.

GEMS 504/505 Research Methods I & II. 4 hours

Lectures, demonstrations, and discussions concerned with principles and practical aspects of modern quantitative biochemical, molecular biological, physiological and biophysical methodology such as separation techniques, studies of biomembranes, genomics, and imaging. The course is modular and designed for students to select areas of interest. Module III – Biostatistics is required for first year GEMS students.

GEMS 506 Research Rotations. 6 hours

Students are required to participate in three, 7-week research rotations during the fall and spring terms of their first year. These rotations provide a variety of experiential opportunities within the six GEMS research concentrations. After the third rotation, students will choose their primary concentration, lab and PI that they will work with through the remainder of their tenure in the program.

GC 470 Essentials for Animal Research. 1 hour

Will acquaint the students with the regulations, sources of information, humane principles and ethical considerations involving the appropriate use of animals for research and teaching purposes. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.

GC 501 Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research. 1 hour

Designed to meet NIH requirements for formal training in the responsible conduct of research. Ethical and legal issues in the conduct of research; University of Illinois at Chicago research standards, regulations, and procedures. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Meets during the Fall term on the West side of campus. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing.