Concentration Core Courses

Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of Graduate Studies for their respective concentration prior to registering for these courses

Cancer Biology

DGS: Dr. Alan Diamond

Fall- GEMS 551: Foundations of Cancer Biology
CRN: 48223
Meeting Times: M & TR 9:30-11 AM

Spring- Path 511: Pathobiology of Cancer
CRN: 32506
Meeting Times: M & TR 9:30-11 AM

Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine (CBRM)

DGS: Dr. Kishore Wary

Fall- PCOL 560: Signals & Systems
CRNs: 38178/38179
Meeting Times: T & TR 3-4:30 PM

Spring- GEMS 515: Stem Cells & Regeneration
CRN: 40345
Meeting Times: T & TR 3-4:30 PM

Integrative and Translational Physiology (ITP)

DGS: Dr. Brian Layden/Dr. Pingwen Xu

Fall- PHYB 518: Cardiac & Vascular Pathophysiology
CRN: 42225
Meeting Times: T 3:30-5:30 PM

Fall- PHYB 562- Therapeutic Development to Clinical Trials Pipeline
CRN: 48721
Meeting Times:
M & W 10:30- 11:50 AM

Fall-PHYB 531- Metabolism: An Integrated Multi-Organ Crosstalk
CRN: 48713
Meeting Times:
T 10:30-12 PM

Spring- PHYB 586: Cell Physiology
CRN: 39730
Meeting Times: M & W 1-2:30 PM

Microbiology, Immunity, and Inflammation (MII)

DGS: Dr. David Ucker

Fall- MIM 554: Molecular Aspects of Host Responses in Microbiology
CRN: 44161
Meeting Times: M & W 9-10:30 AM

Spring- MIM 551: Advanced Topics in Immunology (first half of term)
CRN: 40892
Meeting Times: TR 9-10:30 AM

Spring- MIM 553: Virology (first half of term)
CRN: 42796
Meeting Times: W 10-11:30 AM

Spring- MIM 560: Microbial Pathogenesis (second half of term)
CRN: 23029
Meeting Times: M & W 9-10:30 AM

Molecular Genetics and Biology (MGB)

DGS: Dr. Nava Segev

Fall- BCMG 594: Special Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics-Grant Proposal Writing
CRN: 48061
Meeting Times: Arranged

Spring- BCMG 575: Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
CRNs: 45973/45974
M & F 1:30-3:00 PM


DGS: Dr. Kuei Tseng

Fall- NEUS 501: Foundations of Neuroscience I
CRN: 26189
Meeting Times: M, W, & F 11:30-12:20 PM

Spring- NEUS 502: Foundations of Neuroscience II
CRN: 23501
Meeting Times: W & F 11-12:30 PM