Students apply to the GEMS umbrella program beginning August 1st of the year prior to their admit to the program. Their applications are reviewed annually by a committee of GEMS faculty and student representatives. For guaranteed review of an application, it must be submitted by December 15th. Applications are accepted after this date for limited review. The deadline is March15th for applications from domestic applicants and December15th for applications from international applicants.

Applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted by Tim Sullivan ( to schedule an interview date, preferably at UIC during one of our scheduled recruitment events. Alternatively, teleconferencing interviews will be conducted when hosting an applicant at UIC is not possible. The interviews are an important part of the admissions process, as they allow prospective student the opportunity to learn about GEMS. To make these interviews most productive, it is helpful if the applicant identifies research areas of interest and GEMS faculty members as described in the Apply page.