Clerkship & Elective

  1. Fundamentals of Radiology (ELEC 433)

This is a two-week introductory radiology elective offered to M3 students. The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to radiology, including the basic science principles underlying various imaging modalities, their appropriate use in clinical practice, and understanding of the limitations of the technology.

The exposure to radiology will serve as a strong knowledge foundation in diagnostic and interventional radiology, as an appropriate and necessary component of undergraduate medical education to in-training physicians in all medical specialties.

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  1. Interventional Radiology (ELEC 115)

This is a four-week radiology elective offered to M4 students. The purpose of the elective is to provide an immersive experience into clinical interventional radiology. Students have a broad spectrum of exposure to all aspects of vascular and interventional radiology, including image-guided biopsies, drainages, vascular access, hepatobiliary work, interventional oncology, portal hypertension, and women’s health, among many others. Students also benefit from IR involvement in several didactics, including weekly resident lectures and multidisciplinary conferences. Our six faculty members are committed to trainee education, and students are encouraged to be closely involved with patient care throughout the rotation, from scrubbing into procedures to rounding and consulting on patients.

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  1. Radiology (ELEC 670)

This is a four-week radiology elective offered to M4 students, designed to offer additional exposure to the practice of clinical radiology.

  1. Radiology/Surgery/Anatomy

A rotation specifically designed as the radiology requirement for students on the Surgical Pathway to provide exposure to the diagnostic use of medical imaging as enhanced by cadaver dissection.