Pediatric Tobacco Control by Clinicians in Kenya

The Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) clinical curriculum is designed to help clinicians address family tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure in a routine and effective manner. CEASE was developed and tested via extensive research in the United States (US) and our team has demonstrated its effectiveness in pediatric settings in the US and in China. The proposed project aims to adapt and test the CEASE intervention for use in clinical settings in Kenya and to build the tobacco control research-capacity of investigators, pediatricians, community health workers and clinical practice in Kenya. Our ultimate goal is to assess the impact of these interventions on tobacco-related outcomes. The Specific Aims of the proposed project are to:
1: Develop an adaptation of the CEASE tobacco intervention for child healthcare physicians and community health workers in Kenya to address parental smoking and the secondhand smoke exposure of children and other nonsmokers; 2: Test the feasibility and acceptability of CEASE tobacco interventions in clinical settings in Kenya; and 3: Build the research capacity of child healthcare physicians, community health workers and other stakeholders via collaboration in the development and practice-based testing of the CEASE intervention.

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