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Resident Grants

– 2021 CATCH American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Resident Grant “Community Derived Childhood Bereavement Survey.” Identify bereavement needs in our patients at UIC related to the COVID-19 pandemic and align community resources with our clinical sites – Dr. Areeg Hussein. Mentor – Dr. Stacy Laurent

– 2020-21 Advocacy Training Grant, Community Pediatrics Training Initiative, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) –Dr. Zoe Haemer. Mentor – Dr. Michelle Barnes


QI Experience

All residents participate in specialized education in Quality Improvement Science. They participate in the UIC QI Academy ( offered by Dr. Richard Banchs in the Department of Anesthesiology. Additionally, Dr. Andrew Kreppel teaches a rotating QI curriculum during pediatric resident conference. All residents are also required to be team leaders of a QI project during their second or third year. This is a resident-led initiative with faculty advisors and content experts.

Current QI projects:

– Lead Screening, focused on the 3 year well-child visit – Team Leaders Drs. Idia Ifianayi, Brooke Becton, Amy Schlegel

– BAERS Screening for disruptive sleep disorders – Team Leaders Drs. Leela Chandrasekar, Jennifer Cull

– Circumcision Aftercare education & standardization – Team Leaders Drs. Elham BinKhamis, Danielle Peterson

– Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure screening & reduction – Team Leaders Drs. Denita Lindsey, Yaa Owusu-Banahene

– Inhaled Corticosteroid prescribing in children with persistent asthma – Team Leaders Drs. Henry Nguyen, Nicole Salach

Other Ongoing Projects

– “Rates of bleeding complications in pediatric and young adult trauma patients on thromboprophylaxis.” – Dr. Jessica Hsueh. Mentor – Dr. Meghan Harding

– “Improving inhaled corticosteroid prescription rates for pediatric patients with persistent asthma” QI project – Dr. Henry Nguyen. Mentor – Dr. Lucy Park

– “Pediatric mock code simulation” QI project – Dr. Henry Nguyen . Mentor – Dr. Leah Finkel

– “Addressing sudden infant death in Chicago neighborhoods” – Drs. Camila Ospina and Henry Nguyen. Mentor – Dr. Leah Finkel

– “Improving access to care in children of immigrant families” – Drs. Dayana Dominguez Batista and Danielle Peterson. Mentor – Dr. Sarah Messmer

– “Neurologic outcomes of patients with SCD with conditional transcranial doppler ultrasound velocities” – Dr. Zahra Al Khuridah

– “Implementing a flipped classroom approach in the era of virtual learning” – Drs. Isabella Marranzini and Alejandro Pasaret. Mentor – Dr. Daphne Vander Roest

– Providing inclusive care to LGBTQIA+ pediatric patients,” – Drs. Jason Lafave and Nicole Salach, Medical Student Amarah Khan. Mentors – Drs. Michelle Barnes, Claudia Boucher-Berry and Sarah Messmer

– “Resuscitation Workshop.” Workshop leadership is Dr. Paul Cooper, Dr. Lily Cheng (EM/IM PGY5), Cristina Diaz (Nurse Resuscitation Coordinator), and Dr. Christine Brillante (Pulm/Crit).

– “Resident Understanding of VTE Prophylaxis” Dr. Hadassa Holzapfel (PGY1), Julie Conrad (M4). Mentor – Dr. Lewis Hsu