Pediatric infectious disease specialists take care of children who have diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These serious–sometimes life-threatening–diseases can be especially difficult to treat in children but our doctors are thoughtful and caring. The pediatric infectious disease team works in collaboration with physicians in the pediatric inpatient units, pediatric ICU, NICU, and clinics. They have a specialized clinic for children with acute and chronic infections, including HIV and other viruses, osteomyelitis, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis, and fever of unknown origin. They are involved in research projects including an observational study of the safety and immunogenicity of COVID vaccines administered during pregnancy or postpartum, as well as quality improvement projects.

Meet the team:

Hayani, Karen C. MD
Chief, Section of Infectious Diseases;
Associate Professor

Frank, Arthur L. MD
Associate Professor

Kreppel, Andrew MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Affiliated Faculty:

Jacobs, Norman, MD
Cook County Health
Clinical Assistant Professor