Office of the Head

Benjamin Van Voorhees, MD, MPH, Department Head
[email protected] | 312.413.2867

T.B.D., Director of Administrative Operations

T.B.D., Executive Assistant to the Department Head
| 312.413.2867

Business Support & Operations

Piyush Hargunani, MS, MBA, CSM, PMP, Associate Director of Operations
[email protected] | 312.996.4362

Jordan Henry, Clinical Data Analyst
[email protected]  |

Mary Johnson, MA, MHA(c), Director of Strategy & Planning
[email protected] |

Ann Lindner, Executive Assistant to DAO & Executive Vice Head
[email protected] | 312.996.8297

Finance & Accounting

Joshua Miller, Accounting  I
[email protected]

Alfred Pinto, MBA, Accounting Associate
[email protected] |

Human Resources & Faculty Affairs

Jason Darwell, MS, HR Associate
[email protected]  | 312.996-8915

Austin Snyder, Credentialing Officer
[email protected]  | 312.413.9589

Grants & Contracts Management

Helene Gussin, PhD, CRA, Director of Research Administration
[email protected]  |

Kerry Bartley Day, BA, Clinical Research/IRB Coordinator
[email protected] | 312.996.7568

Arielle Guzman, MPH, Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected] | 312.355.4211

Education Programs

Diane Arce, Pediatrics Residency Coordinator
[email protected] | 312.996.6043

Chanel Brown, Med-Peds Residency Coordinator
[email protected] | 312.413.3803

Joseph Greenia, Neonatology Fellowship Coordinator
[email protected] | 312.996.4185

T.B.D., Endocrinology, Hem/Onc Fellowship Coordinator
| 312.996.9693

Pediatric Division Coordinators

Alana J. Burke, Hematology/Oncology
[email protected] | 312.413.9484

Joseph Greenia, Neonatology
[email protected] | 312.996.4185

Jennifer Suzanne Okonma, General Pediatrics
[email protected]  | 312.996.3076

Xochitl Garcia Klapproth, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, and Hem-Onc(Interim)
[email protected] | 312.996.9291

Andie Jones Jackson, Genetics
[email protected] |

Tamika Lee, Endocrinology, Critical Care, and Pulmonary
[email protected] | 312.996.1795

Lewis Mosely, Cardiology
[email protected] | 312.996.6605

Annie Tan, Infectious Diseases & Neurology
[email protected] | 312.996.7865