Over the past 50 years, University of Illinois has been a leader in the development of Rheumatology as a specialty. The modern Division of Rheumatology started in 1978 when Dr. John Skosey came from the University of Chicago and established the rheumatology clinic and fellowship program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and the Hospital. In 1994, he was succeeded by Dr. John Varga who is a giant in the field of scleroderma research. The division thrived with a rich collaboration with Dr. Marius Teodorescu, a world renowned immunologist. From 2004 to the time of his retirement in June 2018, Dr. William Swedler led the Division. Dr. Swedler has been a clinician par excellence and has trained great many practicing rheumatologists throughout the country.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to add a sidebar anchor:

  1. Duplicate the existing item, listed as a 1/6 text field. (Or create a 1/6 column and add a text field, modify the class so it’s exactly “additionalAnchor”).
  2. Modify the text field inside the 1/6 column. Inside there, modify the HYPERLINK so that it would go to a corresponding section with a “#” in front of it. (Example, we have a “chief” section on the page, then it would make sense to have the hyperlink go to “#chief”)
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  4. IMPORTANT: If not done already, go into that CONTAINER that corresponds to your anchor (i.e. Meet The Chiefs), and add an ID matching the anchor’s HYPERLINK WITHOUT the “#”, i.e. “chief”.
  5. (If using side bar widget box, then there’s a saved copy of a widget box COLUMN, grab it in the column library, it should 1/6 of a length of a column.)

NOTE: Order added to the sidebar is from last to first.