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The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Medicine is committed to high-quality care for all, scholarly activity, and education.  The Department of Medicine is dedicated to increasing the diversity of the clinical, research and educational workforce.

Your gift to the UIC Department of Medicine brings us closer to our goal of providing state of the art medical care to all, excellent training to the next generation of physicians, develop innovative programs and conduct groundbreaking research.  Please consider making a gift today.

TO GIVE: Click the blue bar that corresponds with the designation that you would like to make a contribution.

Your generous donation to the Department of Medicine will support our commitment to high-quality care, scholarly activity, and education.  

Every contribution helps our educational programs thrive. You are providing essential support for our mission of educating the next generation of academic leaders, educators, physicians and scientists. Your financial contribution will help current trainees and faculty to participate in projects, attendance at national meetings, and involvement in outreach programs within our community and across the globe.

Your generous gift will support innovative research in the Department of Medicine. This donation will provide seed money to fund research projects for residents, fellows, and junior faculty to improve the delivery of healthcare for all through basic, clinical, translational, and implementation science research.

Persistent shortfalls in diversity at every level exist in medicine. To make lasting changes, we need your help. Your financial contribution will help us increase leadership and medical science opportunities to diverse trainees, faculty, and scientists. Our goal is to improve inequities in access to care, education, and scientific discovery.  With your help, we will continue to address the gaps in every stage of academia and career development. We will champion efforts across the department of medicine for the benefit of underrepresented minorities in academia.

Your generous gift will support advancing clinical practice science efforts in the Department of Medicine. We train over 140 trainees per year and have over 245 faculty in the DOM. We strive to continuously improve medical knowledge and best practices in patient care while promoting wellness within the DOM. Your contribution will help fund quality improvement projects and health and wellness projects initiated by trainees and faculty.

The Bernie Mac Sarcoidosis Translational Advanced Research (STAR) Center is committed to provide patients with all forms of sarcoidosis with outstanding care and to evaluate patients in a timely, compassionate and courteous manner. Dr. Nadera Sweiss, an internationally-recognized expert in sarcoidosis, is the program director for the Bernie Mac Sarcoidosis Translational Advanced Research (STAR) Center. The center collaborates with cardiology, pulmonary, and rheumatology to provide multidisciplinary care for these complex patients.

To support the UIC Sweiss/Sarcoidosis Translational Advanced Research (STAR) Fund please click the blue bar above.

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