Master of Health Professions Education

Educational Leadership Program for Health Professionals

Current economic and social indicators point to the need for educating leaders in the health professions who can manage change within their fields, overcome organizational barriers, and effectively direct the future of health care delivery systems. The purpose of the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) program is to provide the training necessary to produce effective leaders in health professions education. Accordingly, the program recruits health professionals who have, or are preparing for, educational leadership positions but who lack formal training in education and management.

Acknowledging a wide diversity in educational and professional backgrounds, the MHPE offers some flexibility for candidates to design a curriculum that fits their needs and interests. The program encourages the use of the professional’s home institution as a laboratory for the application of practical educational and managerial concepts. The two formats allow professionals, especially from out-of-state, to pursue their degrees while keeping full time jobs.

 MHPE Features:

  • Educational Leadership and Scholarship
  • Online or Onsite Format Options
  • Cross-Section of Health Professions
  • Interdisciplinary Approach

To open the informational webpages for the MHPE program, hold your cursor over “Programs” and then “Master of Health Professions Education”.