Laying I wait
Curled.  A fetus
Skin so white, so thin
Waiting.  Waiting.
August, I was born
People gathered
So many people
Eyes upon me
So many eyes.
They came to see me!
Everyone stands.
I am lifed.  Up.  Up.
Into my parent’s arms.
Oh, so gently taken
Embraced with pride
My journey begins
To see the unforgettable
To learn without limits
Cradled in my parent’s lap
I wait.
Gentle caresses I feel
Catching sweet smiles and glimpses
It’s time!
Lifted, my arms unfold.  Extend.
Embracing.  Wrapping.
Close to my parent.
Piggyback ride, I go.
Into my journey
The next 4 years.
I am christened
“White Lab Coat”

Olga Aranda

University of Illinois College of Medicine