The Scalpel

Suppose you were reincarnated into a scalpel,
Used in a medical school anatomy lab.
Everyday, a student uses you to mutilate a gruesome body,
All the while you are pelted with vile vapors,
And the vibrations from esoteric expressions explained.
The fidgety fingers quiver and stab with uncertainty,
From fear, frustration, and sleep deprivation.
When no longer needed, you are flung aside,
So frantic novices can maul and memorize.
And when they surrender, you are tossed into a dark tomb,
To commiserate with colleagues strewn in the body’s womb,
Only to continue the carnage when light shines through.
Yet, amidst this fleshy monotony,
A profound process takes place –
Students gain an insight that few even taste:
Into the ideology of the human body, and all its minutiae.
Using the scalpel, they peel away layers of the known,
Towards depths of knowledge previously unknown.
Terms are memorized, connections are made,
Bringing anatomy, physiology, and pathology into a single philosophy –
Underscoring an evolution into physicians and the prowess it necessitates.