Needles and Knives


Over and under
                                     index and thumb
             slip on the knot                       flick your wrist
             take it again from the bottom
over and under
           flashing of steel
                    into the hole created                               wrap around gently
                                  ensnaring sachets of multicolored sweets
                    back out again
over and under
            your feet in the sand
                        a cool breeze made by
                                                           the changing leaves
                        softness abandoned
                                                           by lost souls using                a broken map
over and under
            make careful incisions
                       separate rind
                                          from flesh
                                                         for meat
                      until the glowing has depth
                      and to top it all off
                      add a cape that goes
                                                       under and over

Leianne A. Torres, Class of 2012