rapid eye movement


when the sky crashes remember to check for dew painting a toenail just behind the big bad storm of the west these people live like the winds named for the direction from which they came wear it with memory on your badge muddied and worn because once you could never believe in school in your time to clench teeth with beasts and forest nothings finding a purpose but in vain i can hear it from this delirious objection to escape into whatever traps we have set for ourselves no more than a smoking bear awoken by the scent prickling bulbs of another war but who is going to find wheat and keep biology close we could paint all the pictures we want and find a harpsichord to sail on float to identify with curling your queues along the lake a dream bed an eyelash a breath a warm shout to remember a song speaking to you vowels consonants dissonance and Ophelia shrugged insanity begs but we focus on the negative perverse spooked hollows of yesteryears and come with me now your thoughts cannot be so far we will never hear it unless you learn the glassblowers turn and the snow covers all the ugliness we are tromping through to the dusk before midnight a twilit march seven hours from now before sleeping the deepest bottom dwelling recesses of a fantasy mind all i see are cloaks white around the temples pacing without looking forward to pairs of mountains but everything that comprises them the axial planes algae obligate aerobes ferns is here to inspire for us the city depends on us and yet we remain passive when the next ad rings louder than we asked we will crash this thing before we know something is wrong just lay my fingers down and relay my conch shell a walking blues notes like nectar for the gods drink no stupor no regrets only release like fresh blackberries you crush in the park walking home to a lover your mouth a deep purple of tart sugars as if your body and mind had exactly the same idea now filter out the dusty wings and pick through exercise discretion to be eleven steps to confident body image and the stereo types the next track rip and to where or whom it leads no reasoning can save you now in the terror dome so fall back to earth and catch a glimpse of them repeating the words before you wake up


Manish K. Pant, Class of 2009