Ambulance Lights

As I made the turn
Down the long badly lit street
The lights first appeared glimering
In the distance.
From where I was it might have
Been in front of Nona’s house.
But I couldn’t be sure.

It had been drizzling all day and the rain
Turned familiar sidewalks
Into archipelagos.  Getting wet feet was just
A matter of time.

I walked faster, my stomach knotted,
Squinting to see if it was Nona that they were moving
Into the white van. Still too far.

Neighbors wanted me to stop and chat
How was school?  Did I watch the futbol game?
I just ignored them.  Zigzagging down treacherous sidewalks
It seemed for a minute that I was gaining on the lights.

Then just as quickly the van took off, hollering as if the world
Was ending.
By the time I reached the corner of Nona’s house
Water was covering my shoes.

Jorge A. Girotti, PhD

Associate Dean for Special Curricular Programs
Director, Admissions
Director, Hispanic Center of Excellence