The Challenge to Live

It has been through thunder,
More than a sunny day…
That I have been slowly dying
Feeling rain drops on my face.

I struggle against the forceful wind,
That threatens to sweep me away…
Wind blowing, my clad body…
Showing the ravages radiation makes.

Sometimes, I want to live,
Sometimes, I want to die,
Sometimes, I’m just angry,
Sometimes, I just cry,
Sometimes, I dont’ feel…
It’s all numb inside.

My family and friends sustain me,
To go on forward with the flight,
They tell me to…
“Keep on living!  We’re by your side!”
But, I’m slowly giving up…
I don’t have the strength to fight,
It hurts to breath, no appetite…
Lifeless limbs, no dreams, no hope
It hurts too much to be alive…

And when I wake up,
And see another sunny day,
Someone by my side smiling,
Holding my hand…

It all makes sense now,
I let go of my dreadful throughs.
So much undeserved love!
It has eliminated the drought.

I want to live,
Not because of fear of dying,
But for the love that never dies,
It goes on inspiring…

Marisela Dominguez, MD

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine