Ode to Interleukins

(Sung to the tune of “3 Blind Mice”)

I L 1
I L 1
From Macrophage
From Monocyte
You need to know what is its fate,
It makes T cells proliferate,
To make I L 2

I L 2
I L 2
From Macrophage,
T and N.K.s
It does what I L 1 can do
Helps grow B cells and N.K.s too
And stirs Monocytes

I L 3
I L 3
Made by Ts
Growth Factor please
This factor makes these grow so well
For the Mast and Blood Stem cell
When You Sneeze

I L 4
I L 4
Made by Ts
And does much more
Makes H L A show Class II,
Promotes T and B growth for you
Go IL-4

I L 5
I L 5
Made by Ts
Keeps you alive
There really is not much to tell
But helps B grow into plasma cell.
That is all.

I L 6
I L 6
Most from Ts
And Monocytes
Matures B and Ts like I L 4,
Keeps fibroblasts from growing much more.
I am bored…

Stacy Cisneros, Class of 2006